Rafting Related Activities

A river expedition is a true adventure vacation. By definition, an adventure is a “daring enterprise; an unexpected or exciting experience”—our activities throughout the trip fit this description!


After picking your raft and guide for the day, climb in and enjoy the big, comfortable ride. On the Tat, we spend about four hours in the rafts on each of the seven days we are on river. The movement of the river is steady but exciting, with some fun rolling and splashing sections livening up our down-river progress. The biggest waves are on the first day; everyone will be encouraged to help the guide manoeuvre the raft by paddling hard! Each day is interspersed with breaks to stretch your legs, eat a picnic lunch and do some riverside exploring. The guide and the river will ensure your forward propulsion, but feel free to ask your guide if you want to take the oars for a workout!


The spectacular beauty of this region begs to be explored on foot as well as by water. Every day will present opportunities for short interpretive hikes so that we can get to know the land and its inhabitants. Longer, more challenging hikes will be an option on all layover days, and will include opportunities to experience the classic alpine flowers and tundra of Sediments Creek, the “Nose” of the Alaskan border, and a trip up an active glacier! Each person will pick their activities according to their interests and fitness level. We encourage everyone to lace up his or her boots and come along.

Wildlife Viewing

Our river trips are renowned for their undisturbed and diverse wildlife populations. Because these animals are largely unaccustomed to seeing humans—meaning they don’t link our presence with free and easy food—they will not make a point of finding us. While we will attempt to find environments conducive to wildlife viewing, we must remember that we are visitors in the animals’ backyards, and we will not disturb or harass animals by pursuing them. Most animals don’t look to the water for signs of danger, so one of the huge advantages of floating past them is that often they will not even notice us as we observe them from the safety of our rafts. Wildlife sightings have included grizzly and black bears, moose, Dall sheep, mountain goats, wolves, and lots of different bird species, including the majestic bald eagle. On the right day you may be privy to the wildlife viewing of a lifetime.


Bring your camera and lots of batteries! Many of our travellers can’t stop taking pictures and find thier batteries dead halfway through the journey, just when it gets really incredible! Lots of stops during the day, astounding vistas, camp fun and, of course, the famed midnight sun, all lend themselves to prolific photo shoots. Many of the world’s great outdoor photographers have frequented this area and come away astounded by its beauty, including the legendary Art Wolfe. When on the river you can carry your photo equipment in your waterproof day bag; for expensive specialized equipment, bring a “Pelican” waterproof case, which can be purchased at any good outdoor store.


If you wish to fish, we suggest you bring a rod with a case and the smallest of tackle boxes with the appropriate lures or flies. A fishing license is required and can be purchased in our meeting city before our departure.

Multi-Day Rafting

For a once in a lifetime white water rafting experience, Multi-Day Expeditions take you to the most spectacular rafting destinations in North America. Enjoy the best white water rafting of Alberta, BC and the Yukon Territories.

Multi-Day Rafting Adventures

Whistler Rafting Trip

The Wet & Wild Elaho Exhilarator rafting trip is one of our most popular rafting adventures, and for good reason. Ride big waves and catch air as you navigate down the Class 3-4 Elaho and Squamish Rivers midway between Vancouver and Whistler.

Go Rafting In Whistler

Group Rafting Trips

White water rafting is an exciting way to work together and build lasting relationships. Plan the perfect group rafting trip for corporate team-building, school outings or bachelor/bachelorette parties! We promise a rafting adventure that will not be forgotten.

Let's Raft Together!

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