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Founded in 2009 by Ben Thackeray and Dave Pearson with help from friend Matt Clarkson, and taken under the umbrella of Canadian Outback Rafting Company by Graham Young in 2017, Canadian Rafting Adventures puts the guest experience as its top priority and maintains its solid foundation and core values.

When you join a trip with Canadian Rafting Adventures, you are rafting with guides hand picked for their commitment to your safety and enjoyment. Graham and Matt have been rafting in Canada and around the world since 2004. Friends with Ben and Matt since 2007 while rafting on the Tully River, Graham shares the same core values and ideals upon which Canadian Rafting Adventures was built.

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"Over the years i have seen the good and the bad in the rafting industry. I have worked for companies with poor standards who only care about the number of people on the river and I have worked for companies who had a great commitment to their standards. Dave and I figured it was time to create a company where the focus was 100% about the Experience."  - Ben Thackeray

At Canadian Rafting Adventures we know you have many choices when it comes to river trips and tour operators. So why should you choose Canadian Rafting Adventures?

Canadian Rafting Adventures is a small locally owned rafting company, this means 3 important things:

  1. The owners still guide on the rivers, and are involved in the daily operations. That's how you know you are getting the best customer service.
  2. You wont get lost in the crowd. Our expedition trip sizes are small and we plan on keeping them that way.
  3. Our guides are everything to our business. We look after our guides, so that they look after you (which they do exceptionally well)!

At Canadian Rafting Adventures we meet or exceed industry standard. We are fully insured and certified to lead your trip. Our gear is in top shape, that's not just the rafts but the rafting gear you receive as well. Our gear is washed and disinfected every time it is used, you will never get dirty gear at Canadian Rafting Adventures.

Multi-Day Rafting

For a once in a lifetime white water rafting experience, Multi-Day Expeditions take you to the most spectacular rafting destinations in North America. Enjoy the best white water rafting of Alberta, BC and the Yukon Territories.

Multi-Day Rafting Adventures

Whistler Rafting Trip

The Wet & Wild Elaho Exhilarator rafting trip is one of our most popular rafting adventures, and for good reason. Ride big waves and catch air as you navigate down the Class 3-4 Elaho and Squamish Rivers midway between Vancouver and Whistler.

Go Rafting In Whistler

Group Rafting Trips

White water rafting is an exciting way to work together and build lasting relationships. Plan the perfect group rafting trip for corporate team-building, school outings or bachelor/bachelorette parties! We promise a rafting adventure that will not be forgotten.

Let's Raft Together!

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