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  • About

  • About Canadian Rafting Adventures

    Canadian Rafting Adventures is a different kind of white water rafting company. Whether it be for the day on the Elaho or Cheakamus Rivers near Vancouver, BC, or if you join us on one of our famous multi-day rafting and camping expeditions in British Columbia, the Yukon Territories or Alaska, you'll experience the trip of a lifetime.

    Everything from the taste of our coffee in the morning, to the quality of the rafting equipment we use, make your trip perfect from beginning to end. We keep our expedition groups small and only work with the most experienced guides so you can fully experience the best white water rafting and natural environments Canada has to offer.

    How can we make this promise? It's because the owner of Canadian Rafting Adventures also guides on the trips and we've been delivering one-of-a-kind rafting experiences for over a decade, all over the world. Rafting is our passion. Call us today at 1 866 565 8735 to get your adventure started!

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  • River Rafting Expeditions

  • Multi-Day River Rafting Expeditions

    Canadian Rafting Adventures offer exclusive multi-day white water rafting trips to some of the most beautiful natural environments in North America. We'll take you deep into the North American wilderness where we experience the breathtaking wilderness and wildlife up close from some of the best white water rafting rivers in the world.

    Whether you are looking for beautiful scenery, river rafting, exploring canyons and waterfalls, checking out the "River of Grizzlies" or hitting some truly spectacular white water rapids, we've got the river, and the adventure for you!

    Find the perfect rafting river for whatever type of adventure you are looking for by visiting our Rafting Expeditions page. Our adventures are hand picked and there is an option for every age and experience level.

    River Rafting Expeditions
  • Rafting Near Vancouver

  • Rafting the Elaho-Squamish River Near Vancouver

    For the best white water rafting in Vancouver, you'll want to check out the Elaho-Squamish river. The Elaho-Squamish River has a river classification of III/IV and simply can't be beat for the diversity of rapids you'll experience.

    Nervous? Along with some of North America’s most exhilarating rapids, your river journey will take you through approximately 10 miles of British Columbia’s most inspiring wilderness.This river will please all levels and our experienced guides are there to cater to whatever type of rafting adventure you are looking for.

    The Elaho-Squamish River is only one hour from Vancouver in beautiful Sea-to-Sky, British Columbia. It's the perfect place for Vancouverites and visitors to the big city to get away for the day.

    White Water Rafting Vancouver
  • Group Rafting Trips

  • Group Rafting Trips

    White water rafting is an awesome group activity. The experiences, camaraderie and challenges of rafting with friends or colleagues creates lasting memories you'll be happy you shared.

    Canadian Rafting Adventures caters to groups with preferred rates and customizable experiences. We've enjoyed special rafting tours with corporate groups, school trips and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

    Feel free to give us a call anytime and we'll help you plan the perfect rafting adventure!

    Group Rafting Trips
  • River Classifications

  • How White Water Rafting River Classifications Work

    In order to help people enjoy rivers safely, our friends to the South developed the International Scale of River Difficulty back in the 50's. Today, we use these River Classifications to divide stretches of whitewater into six categories based on their difficulty and how safe they are to raft, canoe or kayak.


    CLASS I: Easy. Moving water with ripples and small waves.
    CLASS II: Novice. Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels.
    CLASS III: Intermediate. Some maneuvering required, large waves may be present.
    CLASS IV: Advanced. Powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling.
    CLASS V: Expert terrain.
    CLASS VI: Extreme!

  • Best Rafting Locations

  • Where is the best white water rafting?

    "The best white water rafting location" depends on what you are looking for from the river. Each river is like a person, with it's own beauty and personality; and just like people, you'll love some more than others.

    We're lucky to be stationed right near Vancouver, BC where some of the most beautiful rafting is right at our doorstep. For a quick day trip, we love the Elaho-Squamish River because it's only 1 hour away from Vancouver and offers an exciting array of whitewater rapids and amazing scenery. If we're really looking to get away, but still be relatively close to home, you can't miss the Whistler River Adventure 2 day trip with amazing white water and breathtaking waterfalls and glaciers. White water rafting in British Columbia can't be beat.

    We have to mention our favourite river of them all, the Tatshenshini in the Yukon. It's like taking a trip through the ice age and is a sightseers dream with huge glaciers and icebergs. If you'd like help choosing the perfect rafting river for you, give us a call.

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  • White Water Rafting Safety

  • How safe is rafting with Canadian Rafting Adventures?

    You can raft with us without worry. Your guides are highly trained in advanced wilderness first aid, river rescue, and boat handling skills. All Canadian Rafting Adventures river expedition guides are very experienced in the outdoors and well versed in dealing with the unexpected.

    Your expert guides will give you an orientation to safe rafting and expedition practices on the first day and teach you all the basic skills that you’ll require to enjoy the trip safely. You will be supplied with a life jacket or personal floatation device (PFD) that you are required to wear whenever we are on the river. Our prime consideration is to provide you with a trip that is as safe and comfortable as possible, while maintaining the integrity of the pristine wilderness.

  • What to Wear When Rafting

  • What to Wear When Rafting on a River

    Vacationing in the outdoors presents more challenges than other holidays when it comes to having the right gear. We might take part in several different activities during a day, and the optimal clothing choice will vary for each of these activities.

    In order to handle the exposure to Mother Nature’s elements, we recommend using the well-known layering system. To help you understand the functions of the different types of clothing in your personal equipment list, a description of what you might choose to “layer up” in during some activities is always provided before we take anyone out on the river.

    Canadian Rafting Adventures will also provide you with all the equipment needed to comfortably and safely brave the rapids.

  • Expedition Equipment

  • Expedition Equipment

    We use 18’ long, state-of-the-art self-bailing rafts as our main mode of transport. These four-to six-person rafts are oared by your guides who are assisted by paddling where required, but for most of the time travellers can just sit back and soak up the views. Life jackets (PFD’s) are provided and must be worn at all times when we are on the river.

    We are committed to the “leave-no-trace” style of camping; so all our equipment comes with us on the rafts from one camp to the next. Your personal gear will be with you at all times in the raft, packed away in two waterproof personal gear bags supplied by CRA.

    In times of inclement weather, we deploy a series of Chlorophyll tarps that cover the kitchen and dining areas to create a more comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. We are equipped with a full propane kitchen, Dutch ovens for baking, chairs for relaxing in camp, and a portable privy!

  • Experienced Guides

  • Meet Our Experienced River Guides

    At Canadian Rafting Adventures our biggest asset is the amazing people we've been lucky enough to work with. All of your guides are highly trained in advanced wilderness first aid, river rescue and boat handling skills.

    On every trip, we make sure that there is at least one guide with a certified Swift Water Rescue classification and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is present so you'll be in good hands if even the unexpected happens.

    Safety is only one of our goals however and each guide brings their own unique personality to their roles as your river concierge. We love rafting and will do everything we can to make sure you walk away loving it as well.

    Meet the Guides
  • Environmental Commitment

  • Our Commitment to the Environment

    We take a low-impact, self-contained, leave-no-traces approach, carrying in what we need and carrying out all garbage. After enjoying such incredible natural beauty, we want to know that we’ve left the environment unspoiled for a future generation of explorers.


    Several of our expeditions take you to a very special place known as the Sacred Headwaters. The sacred Headwaters is an undisturbed environment the size of England.

    At Canadian Rafting Adventures we are proud to support the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition. 5% of all trip sales on our Sacred Headwaters rivers will go directly to the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition to help their efforts in protecting the Sacred Headwaters.

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  • Rafting

  • Rafting Activities

    When you join us for one of our world famous rafting expeditions we always offer ways for you to enjoy nature over and above the river rafting. Some of these activities include:

    Rafting | Hiking | Wildlife Viewing | Photography | Fishing

    Be sure to plan your trip and pack for these extra activities to get the most out of your rafting trip. One extra you'll get every time is the riverside cuisine prepared by our expert expedition guides. We're not saying that they're the best wilderness cooks ever, but we certainly can't say that they're not.

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Multi-Day Rafting

For a once in a lifetime white water rafting experience, Multi-Day Expeditions take you to the most spectacular rafting destinations in North America. Enjoy the best white water rafting of Alberta, BC and the Yukon Territories.

Multi-Day Rafting Adventures

Whistler Rafting Trip

The Wet & Wild Elaho Exhilarator rafting trip is one of our most popular rafting adventures, and for good reason. Ride big waves and catch air as you navigate down the Class 3-4 Elaho and Squamish Rivers midway between Vancouver and Whistler.

Go Rafting In Whistler

Group Rafting Trips

White water rafting is an exciting way to work together and build lasting relationships. Plan the perfect group rafting trip for corporate team-building, school outings or bachelor/bachelorette parties! We promise a rafting adventure that will not be forgotten.

Let's Raft Together!

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